Over 10 years experience leveraging the power of global brands

to support cultural restoration works and development projects in urban areas

Urban Vision is a leading European company specialising in the sponsored restoration of both public and private buildings.

Our projects are 100% financed through earmarked funds obtained through outdoor advertising.

We are motivated by our commitment to culture and our love of art. Our mission is to make the financing of heritage conservation more sustainable through innovation.

Our work widens access to national cultural treasures and preserves their beauty for future generations to come.
Urban Vision’s unique funding model helps to underwrite restoration costs by partnering leading global brands with the world’s most iconic architectural and artistic heritage sites in some of Europe’s most culturally significant cities.
We take a high resolution, one-to-one photograph of the buildings we wrap to uphold the integrity of the building behind when it is not looking it’s best.

The company was founded in 2004 by Gianluca De Marchi, Fabio Mazzoni and Daniela Valenza in Rome. The company’s principle offices are in Rome, Milan and London.

As Corporate Golden Donors to Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), the leading Italian conservation charity specialising in the preservation of monuments and historic buildings, Urban Vision’s team of specialists can be counted on by all stakeholders to ensure that our innovative outdoor communication solutions respect the local cultural, architectural and historical context.

Since 2004, Urban Vision’s work has

Saved over 200 buildings including churches, monuments and historic sites

Raised over £42 million to pay for their restoration costs