Turn a cost into an opportunity


and save up to 100% on refurbishment costs

Benefits for the property owner

We generate revenue by displaying advertisements on  scaffolding during construction works. We work with the world’s most leading brands. Some of our partners can be found here.

This unique model provides funding during necessary works that can cover up to 100% of the total cost of the refurbishment of the building’s facade.


  1. We finance refurbishment costs
    Revenue is generated by display of temporary top brand advertisement covering a small portion of the facade.
  2. High level construction site appearance
    Reduced site impact on public amenities and ensure minor visual impact of the scaffolding.
  3. Long experience conucting feasibility study
    We evaluate both the technical and legal feasibility of any proposed project.
  4. An aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive alternative to plain scaffolding wrap
    We take a high resolution, one-to-one photograph of the buildings we wrap to uphold the integrity of the building behind when it is not looking it’s best.
  5. Our projects use hi-tech environmental technologies to improve local air quality in high polluting urban centers
    We use patented materials that can sit directly behind scaffolding wraps to absorb harmful urban pollution and apply a spray that can turn any external material surface into an air filter.